Costs (Fees) for Tax Resolution Services

Everyone wants to know, “How much is this going to cost me?” Believe us, we understand. Unfortunately, the nature of tax problems is that each client has a different situation. Somebody who needs expert representation RIGHT NOW because the IRS is about to clean out their bank accounts and owes $75,000 is going to be quoted a higher fee than someone who only owes $10,000 and just needs a sensible payment plan set up.

You will be given your locked in stone quote for tax preparation and resolution services after the investigation phase has been completed. It is only after a thorough investigation of your finances and IRS records that we can accurately layout your options.

In general, the total fees and costs of your back taxes preparation and tax resolution will increase as the complexity of your case increases. Higher IRS balances generally mean higher resolution fees.

Phase 1


  • Power of Attorney (2848)
  • Tax Information Authorization Form (8821)
  • FOIA Request – Account Transcripts (up to 5 years)
  • FOIA Request – Wage & Income Records (up to 5 years)
  • Case Evaluation and Analysis of Resolution Options
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Phase 2

Tax Preparation

  • Includes 1 State
  • Includes E-filling
  • Price is for a Basic Return 1040 Return, No Schedule A, No Schedule C etc…
  • More Advanced Returns range from $400-600
  • Corporate Returns priced on a case by case basis
$395 min/yr
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Phase 3


  • Factors impacting price include:
  • Size of Tax Liability
  • Payment Plan vs Offer In Compromise vs Penalty Abatement
  • Lien, Levy Release and/or Garnishment Removal
  • Assignment to Advanced IRS Collections (Revenue Officer)
$995 min
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Limited Time Investigation Offer

$995 for All the benefits of the Standard Investigation package with TWO FREE BONUSES + FREE 2020 Tax Planning + FREE 2020 Tax Preparation