Who We Are

We specialize in finding tax solutions for the many Americans who have tax problems.

  • We handle tax problems every day
  • We know what works and what does not work
  • We are honest and ethical
  • We only take on clients that we can help

We don’t have the advertising budget to fund a national ad campaign and employ boiler room salesmen like our competition. We rely on word of mouth for referrals. Our former clients tell their friends and family about us and they only do so because we gave them the time, expertise and attention their tax problems deserved when they needed our help.

Your tax problems become OUR tax problems that moment you hire us to represent you and we will fight for the best resolution possible.

Our Areas of Specialty

  • Researching Account Histories
  • Acquiring Back Tax Wage and Income Records
  • Preparing Back Tax Returns
  • Filing Back Tax Returns
  • Releasing IRS Liens
  • Avoiding Bank Levies

  • Removing Paycheck Garnishments
  • Reducing Balances Due
  • Reducing IRS Penalties
  • Revisiting Audits
  • Negotiating Affordable Payment Plans
  • Negotiating Tax Settlements via the Offer In Compromise Program

Why Choose Us

We specialize solely in representing taxpayers before the IRS

Your average lawyer, Enrolled Agent or CPA can go his entire career without seeing more than a handful of collection cases before the IRS. In contrast, our Enrolled Agents deal with collection cases before the IRS and State Tax Authorities every single day.

Do you really want to pay hefty fees for another tax professional to learn on the job?

Our Enrolled Agents study tax resolution every single year, stay current on the latest changes in the industry and live it every single day.

Never speak with a salesman

This firm is owned by a licensed Enrolled Agent bound by Circ 230 Rules. His livelihood depends on his professional license and unlike our national competitors, he will not lie to clients for a quick commission. No potential client will be retained by Parker Tax Defense prior to speaking with the Enrolled Agent who will be servicing their case.

Work with the same Enrolled Agent: Start to Finish

Large Tax Relief Firms rely on ``teams`` to handle each case. Why? Because there is such high turnover that they can't rely one person to still be on the payroll by the time your case is complete. You won't have to waste time reexplaining yourself to a new agent every few months. The person who started your case at Parker Tax Defense will be the same person who finishes your case.

Our Success Relies On Your Success

We don't advertise on the radio. We don't have TV commercials. We rely on our clients spreading the good word about Parker Tax Defense. That doesn't happen unless we perform well for people like you. Your successful tax resolution is our successful tax resolution.

Available for FREE face to face consultations throughout Southern California

If you prefer to look someone in the eye before you trust them with your tax problem our Enrolled Agents are more than willing to schedule a consultation at a place convenient to you.